Homosexual recruitment on YouTube? You bet! No, I don’t mean that “evil” homosexuals are trying to recruit our children. I mean that Jesus Christ or his stand-in has placed an ad on YouTube. The ad, which invites you to “see the video everyone is talking about,” manages the nasty little trick of being a homophobic rant without directly referring to homosexuals.

It’s a recruitment video. It doesn’t say outright that it’s out to gather the queer flock, but that’s the target audience. Type in the word “gay” on YouTube and the video will come out on top in the advertising box. Type in controversial words, such as abortion, sex, ex-con, masturbation, and sex workers and the video won’t appear. Nor is it aimed at other religions. Type in Muslims, Jews or Buddhists and—no ad! Type the words “heaven is real” and you won’t get this ad, either. (But you will be offered a “Christian fat loss tip.”)

Jesus (by way of a prophet called RioDonuts) says that He has “been in heaven, building a place for you, yes, for you.” And while the video takes a swipe at other religions, the target audience is same-gender-loving people.

LGBT folks are exhorted by Jesus (aka RioDonuts) to seek His forgiveness or they’ll never reach their appointed place in heaven. What can one answer when confronted with such homophobic drivel? I can only think of the words of Shaw’s Saint Joan. To paraphrase: “Mr. Donuts, my counsel is of God and yours is of the Devil.”

A direct link to RioDonuts’ recruitment video is below. You will note that RioDonuts in his ignorance has used Adagio for Strings as the video’s inspirational background music. This piece was written by Samuel Barber: a gay man.

Hal W. Lanse, PhD is the author of Erasing Reason: Inside Aesthetic Realism – A Cult That Tried to Turn Queer People Straight. Available from Amazon!

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