Carol Weathers, Director of Gestational Surrogacy Program Visiting Spain (Madrid, Valencia & Barcelona) in July 2012

Carol Weathers, Program Director of Building Families, Inc., will be meeting with Couples interested in learning more about gestational surrogacy. These meetings will take place in July 2012 in various parts of Spain including Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia.

  • Barcelona: July 03 & 04, 2012
  • Valencia: July 05 & 06, 2012
  • Madrid: July 10 & 11, 2012

Building Families, Inc. celebrated 20 years of Surrogacy success last year, having helped over 400 babies reach the loving arms of their parents. In addition, Building Families, Inc., takes pride in acknowledging that their efforts to help build families has been well received in the Lesbian & Gay communities throughout the United States and Europe.

For more information about this trip and specific locations, please visit these links:

  • English:
  • Spanish:

Mission Statement:

Building Families, Inc. is a comprehensive Gestational Surrogacy Program based in Southern California. We offer the highest level of personal attention to the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mothers.

Building Families, Inc. realizes that the relationship in every surrogacy arrangement is unique. Therefore, we have made it our mission to perfect the option of building families through surrogacy by promoting a comprehensive and integrated program for the Surrogate Mother and the Intended Parents. This is accomplished by the high level of personal attention given to each case by the Program Director and her experienced professional team throughout the entire legal, medical and emotional process.

Building Families, Inc. has never experienced any legal or psychological impediment from any Surrogacy Arrangement, domestically or internationally.

Contact Information:

Building Families, Inc., P.O. Box 1138, Lake Forest, CA 92609

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