Moms blogging about their GLBT kids

Moms are beginning to share stories about their GLBT children online. Writer Amelia contacted a few of the blogger moms for HuffPost, and found five “amazing kids”, including a 7-year old boy who “happily announces ‘I’m gay’.” Also included are two 5-year-old boys who would rather play princess than prince, a 10-year-old out and proud lesbian, and a little boy who at 5 years years old decides he wants to be Scooby-Doo’s Daphne for Halloween.

Amelia explores:

Sarah Manley, aka Nerdy Apple,
“Queer Kid’s Mom,” author of the blog Raising Queer Kid, Kelly Byrom, a writer for HLN,
“CJ’s Mom,” author of the blog Raising My Rainbow

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