Digital activism can be fun and rewarding

Family Equality Council’s Jennifer Chrysler sent an email to members announcing an exciting new “call to action for our families.” She explains the Snap it and Send It program as a chance for our families to use modern technology to speak up about the antiquated forms that they come across every day—at schools, soccer clubs, girl scouts, day care providers and doctors’ offices. Families are asked to take out their digital cameras or I-phones or any other Smartphone and Snap a photo of the offending form. Send the picture by email to and include a description of how the forms are impacting your family. FEC is collecting these stories and examples of the forms and bring them to the attention of agencies so they can make the necessary changes. Family Equality Council is also including a rich list of tips and resources for our families to use so they can work in their own communities to change the forms they encounter every day.

[via Family Equality Council]

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