This MIT student understands Cynthia Nixon’s words

Our generation continues to make progress via their children’s enlightened point of view. Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) is currently under fire for saying “While I don’t often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have ‘chosen’ is to be in a gay relationship.” This MIT Opinion Editor asks us to hear her out. He writes, “No one should be pigeonholed into one category, especially when it does not represent them fully. For Cynthia, she did not want to simply be stamped bisexual. We each came to MIT from different backgrounds; we should respect each other and each wear our own colors proudly. That is what makes MIT such the wonderful place to live, learn, and thrive in. So as a reminder for the start of spring semester: Don’t forget your sensitivity trainings during Orientation, and have a great first week of classes!”

[via The Tech]

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