New Jersey gay couple fight for custody of twin 5-year-old girls

Let this story serve as a lesson that the surrogacy process is nothing to be taken with any amount of whimsy. On one side of a long parental court fight over 5-year-old twin girls were Donald and Sean – a gay couple who live in Jersey City. On the other was Angelia, Donald’s sister, who agreed to serve as a surrogate, eventually giving birth to the girls through a donor embryo fertilized by Sean (pic). The men took custody of the children after the birth. While Angelia had access to the girls, the relationship between her and her brother badly deteriorated and a lawsuit was filed months later, with Robinson claiming she was coerced into a surrogacy arrangement. A Hudson County Superior Court judge law week awarded full custody to the biological father, Sean Hollingsworth, while preserving the parental visitation rights of Robinson – who in an earlier court ruling had been declared to be the legal mother. The attorney for the father, Karim Kaspar of Lowenstein Sandler in Roseland, called it a landmark ruling for tolerance and diversity.


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