Mom creates nonprofit to help GLBT teens

Idaho’s Julie Zicha [pictured w/ her son] is leading the way to help create GLBT support groups in her local Pocatello high schools. Last January, Zicha’s openly gay 18-year-old son, Ryan committed suicide and Zicha has made it her goal to help other troubled teens like her son. “I just can’t stand the notion of anybody else going through what my family’s gone through, losing a kid, because they didn’t feel welcome,” Zicha said. That thought is what keeps her motivated, she said. Zicha has also created her own nonprofit group named after her son. It’s called Ryan’s Rainbow Connection. Ryan’s Rainbow Connection will be a resource center in which teens can gather to meet each other and feel welcome instead of feeling alone. “I just hope that by telling the story via any avenue that I can get, maybe there’ll be a kid that hears it and says, ‘Maybe I can hold on for another day. Maybe there is somebody that I can call.’ Ryan wouldn’t have died in vain if that could happen,” Zicha said.

[via NPG Of Idaho]

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