Opposition to Goa GLBT tourism

Experts believe GLBT tourism might constitute the biggest increase in India’s visitors in the near future. It has the ability to be a safe haven, since homosexuality was decriminalised following a court order. ‘It is an emerging tourism trend in Europe and has the potential to become one of the biggest segments in tourism,’ tourism director Swapnil Naik said. However, a criminal complaint has been filed against the organizers of an event supporting GLBT tourism – this after complaints from Hindu rightwing groups and the Catholic church. The religious groups say GLBT tourism would lend Goa, already known as a sex and narcotics tourism hub, a bad name. A member of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti filed the complaint against the organizers of the Goa International Travel Mart, which includes the Goa government and tourism and travel industry stakeholders. Goa, known for its famous beaches, attracts nearly 2.6 million tourists annually, of which nearly half a million are foreigners.

[via New Delhi News.Net]

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