Hope From Heroes: Stories of Inspiration from GLSEN Student Leaders

“My name is Tommy and I’m a senior from Houston, Texas. I’m not gay myself, but my dads are. In my short life I’ve already seen, heard and experienced way too much anti-LGBT bullying. That’s why I’ve made it a personal cause to stand up against anti-LGBT behavior whenever I encounter it, especially when it’s directed at my family. I try to speak up whenever I hear someone called a fag or see someone pushed into a locker. I tell them that this kind of language or behavior is just not cool and won’t be tolerated at our school. If the problem is more than I can handle, I’ll find a faculty member who can help. And I’ve taken my case to the principal’s office on more than a few occasions. I don’t think of myself as a hero, but I know I’ve made a difference. I also know that one person can’t fight a problem as big as this all by himself. That’s why I’m so glad I found GLSEN…”

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