Co-Pay Babies and Other Phrases

I am one of the millions guilty of giving birth to a Co-Pay baby…actually I had two! The real phrase-ology here is Co-Payment Cost Baby but I like mine shortened and sweet. If you haven’t heard this before it basically means that the only money that your kid(s) cost you was the co-payment (from conception to birth) I had 2 of my own on this plan and let me tell you it IS cheaper and easier then IVF or any ART treatment. For my son and first born the only reason we shelled out any money at all was because 22 years ago ‘they’ considered circumcision to be a form of cosmetic surgery! (I am glad my son doesn’t read this because I think I just told the world that he was circumcised!) ‘They’ are the Insurance Company. And we paid the hospital $100.00. The End!(no pun intended)

I also gave birth to four, let me get this right, “Beta Babies”: children conceived through fertility treatment. In other words, their parents (and surrogates) know their first and second beta numbers….and sometimes third! Maybe some of us become surrogates because we feel guilty for the ability to have the Co-Pay Babies and we search high and low through the “land of infertility” for a person or couple who will allow us to help them and make all their “secret hope stories” come true. I am getting all of my words here from Glossary of All of My Made-up Words in case you don’t have enough of your own. But I am telling you that there is a lot to be said for the cost of giving birth to a dream…(my phrase)!


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