It turns out I’m not so great at keeping up with this blog. My sweet little bug will be turning three this next month. I love being a father! I do however want to say that I was misinformed. A new born is far easier to take care of then a toddler. This is a great but exhausting stage. I find my days filled with why? why not? mine! Whats that? NO! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!….. what?? haha
One of Addys new favorite things to do is crawl around the house pretending that she is a dog. she loves to give scooby kisses. if you dont know what this is… she licks me! LoL She wants to do everything herself one minute and the next she decides that she is no longer a big girl and wants to be catered to! hahaha
Life is good.
Until next time…..

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