New fertility product improves conception and may reduce risk of early miscarriage

We are pleased to announce the successful market release of an exciting new product: the Zestica Fertility Conception Kit. This new product has received considerable interest at fertility shows across the UK, including the recent Fertility World show at London Olympia.
The conception pack contains three vital products for optimising conception:

1)7 ovulation predictor tests, allowing the detection of the best time for conception.
2)Zestica fertility gel, which used on the run up to ovulation, prepares the vaginal environment for conception.
3) Also included in the pack are 6 vaginal applicators of Zestica Fertility lubricant for use during the fertile part of the cycle; providing a sperm friendly environment.

Studies suggest the low grade bacterial vaginitis (BV) is common in many women, and it has been recognised for many years that this can be a significant, persistent and recurrent obstacle to conception success, lowering fertility rates and also increasing early miscarriage rates. Unfortunately, most women do not have access to BV screening unless they have already been referred to a fertility specialist clinic, where BV testing is a routine part of the initial screening examination.

Using the Zestica fertility gel, reduces the risk of bacterial vaginosis, thus preparing the body for conception and successful embryo implantation.

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