JK Rowling says Harry Potter continues – online only

JK Rowling has added the backstories of characters that fans have been wanting since the beginning of the wildly popular book series. Pottermore.com is described on it’s website as, “a free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books”. Only ebook copies of the new Harry Potter series will exist. The books will allow the reader to go through the series with Harry, even finding out what questions the Sorting Hat really asks. Fans will be able to be sorted into their house, find the magic of Ollivander’s and be matched to a wand and more will be revealed.

The website will not be open to the public until October but one million fans will be able to access it early on July 31st- ironically Rowling and Harry’s birthday. There has been such a rush to register their email that the server has crashed several times.

[via Examiner.com]

WATCH Ms. Rowling’s announcement:

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