Happy Father’s Day to all dads, single, gay, co-parents or donors

Happy father’s day to all the dads out there, be it biological, non-biological, co-parents or donors who may be known as ‘Dad’.
Whatever role you play in a child’s life, today is the day to remember and celebrate. Some children may have two dads; other families may not have a dad in their lives. Father’s day can be a great opportunity to celebrate the other father figures in your child’s life, be it an uncle or grandfather.

Maybe you are not a dad yet, but have thought about the options. In Los Angeles, Father’s day is used to highlight and encourage gay and lesbian couples to consider fostering or adoption. Maybe you want to be a full time dad through surrogacy, a part-time dad by being a co-parent or a ‘dad’ without all the responsibility by being a sperm donor

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