Cape Town…a destination for egg donor IVF

I would argue that the selection of your egg donor is the most important step in the process of conception via egg donation…second only to becoming pregnant with a successful IVF cycle! Choosing a reputable egg donor agency goes hand in hand with the selection of a suitable donor. Gift ov life is South Africa’s largest reputable egg donor agency and preferred by South Africa’s leading fertility clinics. As a national egg donor agency Gift ov life has a wide selection of Cape Town egg donors and also hosts egg donors based in other parts of Cape Town that are prepared to travel to Cape Town for Recipints. More specifically Gift ov life provides recipients with over 230 egg donors to choose from; donors may be viewed online and their detailed profiles selected on line. Gift ov life provides detailed egg donor profiles in line with world class standards and only donors up to the age of 33 are selected, although the guideline cut off age is 35, we feel that the younger the donor, the better for IVF attempts. Gift ov life works with Cape Fertility Clinic as a leading fertility clinic and is part of the process with CFC from donor selection onwards. We specialise in international recipient visits for egg donor IVF.

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