In Vitro Fertilization- Scientific Way to Get a Child

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is artificial fertilization of human egg cells by sperm outside of the mother’s womb; commonly known as test tube baby. A successful procedure needs to have an approved sperm donor so that the egg can be infused with In vitro fertilization in a liquid medium inside a glass tube.

For the process of sperm donation, a sperm donor has to go through an in-depth screening process which is an indispensable criterion to be a sperm donor. The cold storage sperm bank may have its own rules and regulations before accepting a donor. Some of the common basic candidatures are; men must be at least 18 years of age and can’t be more than 40 years of age; he must be committed to the program which can stretch from 6 months to a whole year; he must be able to provide his family history usually up to 3 generations; he must have no chronic health problems. After the fulfillment of these candidatures, one can be a qualified sperm donor. One can find qualified sperm donors from a good sperm donor forum or other online resources.

For a woman to be pregnant, she must be able to produce a healthy egg in first place. In some cases, women find themselves in poor condition to produce a healthy egg or none at all. It’s not sure if these women are fit to have a successful pregnancy as well as a successful delivery. Adoption is an open option for all, but still there’s one other option that science has provided, using ivf egg donation. The eggs are surgically removed from the womb which is infused with a sperm from laboratory. After that it can be either put back in the woman’s uterus or some other surrogate woman who accepts to bear the child.

Each year, approximately 100,000 women go through the process of having their eggs harvested. Of those 100,000 women, about 10 percent do so to become egg donors. The other 90 percent have their eggs harvested for their own fertility treatments.

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