Promising New Embryo Test for those Patients Undergoing IVF

IVF – Researchers have developed a new model that better predicts the success of IVF treatment.

To create the new model “144,018 treatment cycles were prospectively studied to determine how couples’ baseline characteristics might influence the probabilities of live birth and adverse perinatal outcomes.”

Scott M. Nelson, PhD, from the University of Glasgow and Debbie A. Lawlor, PhD, from the University of Bristol stated that their new model “encompasses a series of new measures including use of donor oocytes, ICSI, cycle number, and whether there had been a previous spontaneous or IVF-related live birth or fetal loss.”

In creating the new model, the researchers were “better at ranking participants into tenths based on their predicted risk and was better at predicting successful live births, especially for the lowest-risk patients,” which makes the model more accurate.

“’Using this novel model we can statistically significantly improve the overall prediction of live birth as assessed by area under the curve and attain excellent calibration with accurate identification of couples with a poor, moderate, or good prognosis,’ the authors concluded.

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