Oops, I Cannot Help Myself! Egg Donor Advocacy versus Using Women to Promote Own Views

Egg Donation – Oops, I did it again, but I shouldn’t have. Yes, I try not to acknowledge Jennifer Lahl and her sensationalistic film, but I really cannot help when the Washington Times runs an article that just has it so wrong. And, why should I even acknowledge the piece..maybe just sweep it under the rug? Well, I am tired of hearing that rich, older women are exploiting these poor young women. And, that’s exactly why I had discussed it months ago on my radio show, and today as I commented on the article. YES, we need public discourse on egg donation and education BUT we do not need threats of death and despair. My comments are below:

We must all remember that this writing by Ms. Hagelin only tells half of the story regarding egg donation, and it does so without being completely accurate and in a sensationalistic manner. Women are not being victimized by rich, older women who want their eggs – period. Should young women get all the facts – absolutely! Should young women speak with an independent physician about the risks – absolutely! But, should these young women be scared, as if they are part of a horror movie – absolutely not! We all need to remember the motives behind this documentary, and they do not involve the protection of our young women, as a Boston Globe article exposed. What really needs to be discussed is thorough and thoughtful informed consent and proper medical treatment, including complete disclosure of a donor’s medical history by the donor herself before she considers being an egg donor. Donors are being advocated for by many of us in this industry – to say otherwise is completely false.

So, what do you think? Again, we need the facts and education while looking out for egg donors – it’s really that simple. But, it is going to be work, and it has to be done.



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