Is Surrogacy Legal?

With so much media exposure on surrogacy matters of late, the question on many people’s lips requires some professional response. Is surrogacy legal?

Legislation pertaining to surrogacy was promulgated in April 2010 in South Africa where extensive provisions in surrogacy in South Africa was drafted. These provisions pertain to the requirements of a commissioning parent and to those of the surrogate mother.

Is surrogacy legal – very much so. It is now a very well regulated process with legal binding documentation in order for surrogates and commissioning parents before any fertility treatment can proceed. This provides extensive support and control for all parties involved in the process and the extensive screening too is a signifciant protection factor for all persons.

The services of a quality surrogacy lawyer are essential in ensuring suitable surrogacy legalities are followed. A professional surrogate attorney is one who has experience, understands the judicial system, has a dedicated surrogacy legal team and offers continuous support.

baby2mom Egg Donation Agency, an online egg donation website found on offers a pro bono surrogacy solution through the amazing assistance of persons wanting to become surrogates. So to answer the question is Surrogacy legal? Absolutely. A word of caution. Follow appropriate and professional guidance and expertise to ensure your surrogate program is well facilitated and required surrogate legal documentation obtained.

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