Australian Couple Causes Stir By Pushing for Sex Selection via IVF

An Australian couple is seeking the right to determine the sex of their unborn child.

The couple has three boys already and lost a daughter shortly after birth. Since the loss of their daughter, the couple has tried to conceive a baby girl again with the help of IVF.

The couple’s quest became controversial when they announced that they had aborted twin boys in their quest to have a baby girl. A decision the couple described as “traumatic.”

Sex selection procedures are illegal in Australia but the couple “petitioned a patient review panel for permission, which was denied. They’ve now appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which is slated to hear their case in March.”

Since 2008, Victoria’s Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act has prohibited sex selection except in cases where it would allow parents to avoid transmitting a genetic disease. It’s legal — though still controversial in many circles — in the U.S., where pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PIGD) is used to separate XX from XY chromosomes for reasons of ‘family balancing.’

The couple has announced that if their request is denied they will travel to the United States for treatment since sex selection procedures are not illegal there.

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