Seven bills on bullying filed by Texas legislators

At least seven bills related to bullying have been filed in Texas. Some may require school districts to develop strategies to combat bullying and cyberbullying, train school employees, and launch educational programs for students and parents.

The bills would also require districts to notify a parent or guardian quickly of a student involved in bullying, and give school boards the power to transfer a student who is being bullied to another school.

There are bills which would require districts to report annually how many bullying incidents they faced, including how many were based on race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns, who became an Internet phenomenon this year after delivering an emotional speech on gay bullying, has publicly backed Davis’ bill. “The reporting tools in Sen. Davis’ bill will give us the data we need to prioritize resources and understand how we can do better educating and supporting children to learn and be a success,” Burns said.

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