Get Out the Vote Today – Top Ballot Measures Affecting Fertility Patients

Did you vote today? I did – bright and early this morning, so that there were no excuses. But, there are many issues in several states that need to be considered when voting today, even though gay marriage and stem cell research are not the focus this election year. Let’s not forget Amendment 62 in Colorado –

“Two years after Coloradoans rejected an indirect attempt to illegalize abortion by redefining a human embryo as a “person,” the proposed amendment to the state constitution is back on the ballot.

The “Fetal Personhood” Amendment 62 would define “person” to include every human being from “the beginning of the biological development of that human being,” or conception.”

Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma could approve state constitutional amendments to block enforcement of federal health care law mandates and allow individuals and businesses to choose whether to have or provide health insurance.

So, make sure that you get out and vote for those initiatives that affect fertility patients. Oh, and don’t forget the following initiative out of Denver. This one has to make you laugh:

Denver’s Initiative 300 would establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission responsible for collecting and sharing evidence that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, and for assessing the risks and benefits of making contact with those aliens.

Happy voting!

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