Paying It Forward with Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation – On my radio show today with Dr. Craig Sweet, I will be interviewing an embryo donor, who goes by the name “Tori.” She will be providing a unique perspective on someone who decided, along with her husband, to donate her remaining embryos to an infertile couple. While I counsel clients on the range of options, such as continued cryopreservation, destruction via thawing, donating to research or donating to others, “Tori” decided that she wanted to “pay it forward” to other infertile couples. Here are her words, which I find so compelling, and which I am certain is experienced by anyone who is deciding what to do with their remaining embryos:

“Donating the embryos brought on a wide range of emotions; some expected (happiness to help another infertile couple, peace in setting the embryos ‘free’ by finally making a decision on their fate) and others were a bit of a surprise (brief feeling of sheer panic that I ‘forgot’ something after leaving the clinic). The donation experience to me is like paying it forward to other infertile couples. I did not see any reason to leave the embryos suspended in time, did not want to see them destroyed (no reason to with other options) and no reason to donate to stem cell research when there are so many infertile couples in the world going through the same anguish I went through.

That feeling of anguish kept coming back, that longing and yearning for something that was so easy for others to have, yet so very difficult for me to obtain. I wanted to help someone relieve that awful feeling, and by donating my embryos I had a very good chance of doing just that.”

What more can I say?

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