New York Governor, David Paterson, Signs Bill Allows Unmarried Partners to Jointly Adopt

Sunday New York Governor, David Paterson, signed a bill which allows unmarried partners, including gay couples, jointly adopt children. The bill “also substitutes the gender-neutral term ‘married couple’ in the adoption statute for ‘husband and wife.’” The bill became law effective immediately.

Single gay people have been allowed to adopt in New York but the new law now allows unmarried gay couples to adopt, which is beneficial to gay couples since New York does not allow same sex marriages. The bill also “partly codifies state appeals court rulings and clears up complications from joint adoption as a two-step process. It’s also meant to help ensure children get support, insurance and other benefits from both adults, as well as lifelong relationships even if couples split up.”

Linda Rosenthal, the chief sponsor of the bill, stated “[b]ecause same sex couples can’t get married and some heterosexual people don’t want to get married, they were not allowed to adopt a non-related child together.” With the signing of this bill, they can.

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