How an Egg Donation Register Works

The attraction of South African egg donation is the complete anonymity and confidentiality as egg donors do not want to remain in contact. The absence of an egg donation register provides comfort and support for people to proceed with a private egg donor program.

This means woman can come forwad to become egg donors with the empowerment and of knowing it is a personal matter that need not be disclosed to any one. Egg donors normally discuss with their partners and sometimes with their parents. Their details need not be entered on egg donation registry. This supports their full confidentiality.

Egg donation recipients, supported by their anonymity need not tell their children that they are egg donor conceived. It is their perogative. Some parents elect to be open and upfront with the children from the outset. Others have been very meticulous and careful in the selection of their egg donor that she is a careful match to the woman receiving donor eggs. This is usually physical qualities but can extend to even the blood group.

baby2mom, is a professional egg donation website facilitating South African egg donor services where no egg donation register is required and people’s rights and wishes are respected as is right for them. With an immediate access to a full egg donor database of several different profiled egg donors, people can make an informed decision.

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