Donor Egg IVF in Cape Town, South Africa

Steeped in history and set against the stunning and world-famous backdrop of Table Mountain, the beautiful, sea-side city of Cape Town is regarded as one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

Also affectionately known as the Mother City, South Africa’s oldest city is living up to that nickname in a rather literal way these days as an increasing amount of people from all over the world travel there to undergo fertility treatment.

In recent years, Cape Town has built up a fantastic reputation as an IVF and egg donor hub. The city is home to world class fertility clinics that use state of the art technology to provide service and treatment equivalent to what is offered abroad, but at far more affordable rates – even after the cost of travel had been added.

Not only is the treatment reasonably priced, but it is also highly successful, which is why Cape Town-based fertility clinics are rated among the best in the world. Another factor that makes Cape Town so desirable for egg donor fertility treatment is the instant access patients get to the large database of donors – there is no waiting list! The wait for a donor lasts only as long as it takes for prospective parents to choose a donor that meets all their requirements. Within three months of choosing a donor, future parents could already be back at home, with a baby on the way.

Although donors in Cape Town – and South Africa as a whole – remain anonymous, future parents are able to view full information of the prospective donor, including her family history, education history, medical information, etc. as well as view photographs of the donor as a baby and toddler.

The donors, who are healthy young female volunteers between 21 and 34 years of age, do receive reimbursement for their donation, but it essentially only covers incidentals they may have incurred while participating in the donor program, such as travelling to and from the clinic. The amount has been carefully regulated to ensure that donors participate for altruistic reasons only. Capetonian South African egg donors are therefore not motivated by money, but are really doing this as an act of extreme kindness to make a genuine difference in someone else’s life.

South Africa’s clear legislation and ethics surrounding egg donation are additional factors that set Cape Town apart as a favourite fertility destination. This ensures that not only are the rights of the future parents and their prospective children taken care of, but the well-being and safety of the donor always remain paramount as well.
Excellent medical care, a wide range of available donors, similar cultures, the same language and a very favourable exchange rate make Cape Town the ideal destination to pursue donor egg IVF for both foreign and local fertility patients.

Many patients who do travel to Cape Town for fertility treatment opt to combine the treatment with an unforgettable holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. While they wait, they can relax on the city’s many gorgeous beaches, shop, dine out, take the cable car up to take in the spectacular view from the top of Table Mountain, and take a ferry to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for so many years. The comfort and beauty of the Mother City will definitely contribute to a stress-free, successful n easy egg donation/IVF experience.

Contact Details for Nurture Egg Donor Program in Cape Town
Contact Person: Tertia Albertyn
Contact Number Local: 0824418639
Contact Number International: (+27824418639)
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