Marriage is the gold standard for gay couples

It’s a common refrain of politicians (and some lobby groups) to say that while they are not against equal civil marriage, it is not clear how many gay people actually want it.
A poll by – conducted over two days with almost 800 responses – shows otherwise. LGBT people demand marriage equality.

They see Argentina, Mexico City and other countries in Europe making the move and question why the UK – a supposed world leader on LGBT rights – hasn’t yet got that far. has said time and again that civil partnerships were an excellent and much-needed addition to UK law, giving gay couples access to the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples, plus protection and dignity. However, our readers don’t believe in ‘separate but equal’.

Things are changing fast and they need to. We have a Tory-led government which has said it will consider the case for equal marriage, while the majority (if not all) of the Labour leadership contenders support changing the law. Next month, the Liberal Democrat party is expected to pass a motion cementing its pro-gay marriage policy.

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