Conceive your family through egg donation in South Africa

Nurture – South Africa’s largest Egg Donor program is the creation of two fabulous South Africans who have experienced the heartbreak of infertility first hand – Melany as an egg donor, and Tertia as an infertility patient who went through 9 IVFs to achieve her dream. Assisted by a fabulous group of women, the gals at Nurture make a formidable team who combine the best of heart and soul to provide truly excellent service.
A global egg donor service with a local touch, we absolutely love what we do, and our passion shows through in everything about us. We pride ourselves on providing the best care and support for our donors and our intended parents, facilitating the process from application through to donation and beyond. In a nutshell, we care. We call. We write. We rock.
We have a comprehensive database of quality egg donors from all ethnicities, and are associated with all the leading fertility clinics across South Africa like Cape Fertility Clinic, Vitalab, Aevitas, Medfem, BioArt and many others.

Nurture Egg Donor Program offers the following advantages for potential parents:

• The largest, most diverse group of altruistic egg donors available.
• Viewing our egg donor database is free – there is no registration fee to view the donors.
• Our donors are comprehensively screened by the most experienced professionals in the field. We interview all our donors personally and provide full information regarding physical attributes, personality, reproductive health, genetic history, medical history and family history details.
• Our donor support team who look after and support the donors through the egg donation procedure have donated eggs themselves – they understand what it is like to be an egg donor
• As per South African legislation, we offer child photos of our donors
• All the donors listed on our donor database are available immediately, there is no waiting list
• We have donors at all locations across South Africa. In addition, our donors are also prepared to travel to the clinic of your choice
• We have vast experience in facilitating egg donor IVF for international patients – 50% of our patients are from abroad. International patients are able to access top quality donors, first class medical treatment at a world class destination. All for less than the price of a donor egg IVF back home.
• We do not discriminate against anyone – we are gay friendly, single parent friendly, we even work with straight, married couples!
• With personal experience of over 30 IVFs between the Nurture team ourselves, we know what it is like to live with infertility. We have never forgotten.

Contact Details for Nurture Egg Donor Program
Contact Person: Tertia Albertyn
Contact Number Local: 0824418639
Contact Number International: (+27824418639)

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