ARR Surrogate Jodi Tells Her Surrogacy Story

My husband and I have known each other since we were 16, and we started our family early. After two healthy children, we decided our family was big enough, but I was still young. Previously, my sister had been diagnosed with a mild case of endometriosis. It was a hard time for my family, but we stayed by her side and another sister and I both knew we would be willing to carry a child for her in the future if the endometriosis caused permanent damage. Luckily, she recovered well and now has a wonderful 3-year-old son.

My family is very tightly knit, and my sister’s brush with infertility left me contemplating the importance of family. It had never been a question that surrogacy would be an option if she was left without the ability to carry a child. I knew that I was young enough and healthy enough to make the dream of a family come true for someone else who hadn’t been as lucky as my sister. I also heard from a co-worker that a friend of her daughter’s had just signed up to be a surrogate. It made me realize that people actually did it, and that I could do it too.

After finding Alternative Reproductive Resources in February of last year, everything started to happen very quickly. I was matched with a couple in April and pregnant with twins by July. ARR was with me every step of the way, and my intended parents were too. They were extremely respectful of me and concerned for both the twins and my health. We got along so well that we started to feel like family. After giving birth to a healthy girl and boy, I wasn’t sad to leave the babies, but I did miss the daily excitement of the pregnancy and knew communication with my intended parents would be less frequent with them caring for the twins.

Though I miss my surrogate family from time to time, I feel fulfilled too. My intended parents have graciously let me continue to be a part of their lives, and we’re still very close. I miss seeing the twins, but I miss them like I miss my nephew, not like my own children. Getting updates like pictures and e-mails make me feel happy and proud. I was able to help two wonderful dads create a family, and that’s the most important thing. It was the perfect surrogacy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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