ProudParenting wishes two new gay dads in Germany a Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to a gay penguin couple in Germany’s Bremerhaven Zoo.

The couple has been fostering a chick given to them by zoo handlers, after the egg was rejected several times by its biological parents.

The new dads are one of three same-sex couples in a colony of twenty at the zoo. Scientists originally tried to split-up the couple to encourage breeding, but the they continued to come back to each other.

Since hatching a few days ago, the chick is thriving!


Two New Gay Dads in Germany Who Happen to be Penguins

There are two new dads in Germany. Z and Vielpunkt, two Humboldt penguins are raising their first adopted child.

Via Queerty:

“…zookeepers tried to “test” whether the couple were really gay, bringing a set of female penguins into their den, but gay rights activists got in a huff and the zoo changed its mind. Instead, they let them prosper as two gays, giving them a “rejected” egg after two heterosexual penguins abandoned it by pushing it out of their nest.

Now having kept that egg warm for 35 days, they’re the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby chick, who’s now about 1.5 months old [pictured].”

The proud parents and their adopted chick live at Bremerhaven Zoo, in northern Germany.

Image: Queerty

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