How to Choose an Adoption Agency (Hint: It’s Not Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe)

Picking an adoption agency is hard, confusing and often anxiety provoking. It doesn’t help when so-called experts—like me—tell you that it is the second most important decision you’ll make when adopting. Talk about pressure! I often get asked if there is a “best agency”. The answer, of course, is “yes”, but not one best agency for everyone. I think the enormity of the decision often blinds us to that fact. So how should you go about picking this all important arbiter of family making?

I favor a systematic three step approach. The first step is done mostly online and is design to help you winnow down your choices to a select few. In the second step you narrow you choices even more by interviewing each agency. The third step is the all important background check to confirm your selection. It sounds more daunting than it really is. The last step is fairly time consuming but at this point, you should only have one or two agencies in the running, which greatly helps to reduce the time. We include a detailed explanation of this approach, complete with all the online links and list of questions for both international and domestic adoption agencies, at our How to Choose an Adoption Agency page. We also have a two part video on How to Choose an Adoption Agency, Red Flags to Spot a Questionable Agency, and a list of questions to ask references.
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