Dating site offering ‘beautiful baby’ virtual egg and sperm bank

Dating site offering ‘beautiful baby’ virtual egg and sperm bank

A controversial dating website, with a strict ban on ugly and fat people, has launched what it’s calling a ‘beautiful baby service’, a virtual egg and sperm bank for people who want to have attractive babies.
This same website kicked out 5,000 users in January because other members signaled that they became too chubby celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

Critics are questioning the ethics of the site but those running it are making no apologies.

The site says its “beautiful baby service” is open to everyone. The founder said ‘even ‘ugly people’ would like to bring good looking children into the world. But one British watchdog group says cherry picking pretty people as parents, is just wrong.

“It’s a symptom of a very dangerous tendency in our society that says we can take control of everything to do with reproduction and have it exactly the way we want it,” said Dr. David King from Human Genetics Alert.

While there is a need for providing a service for single, gay, lesbian and infertile couples to have children, this website seems to be heading towards eugenics and the creation of designer babies, which is very concerning.

Pride Angel the leading website connection service for gay, lesbian, single and infertile couples wishing to become parents said ‘Websites seem to be offering sperm donors services like dating agencies with little thought to the serious consequences of not being aware of all the important factors which need careful consideration, when undertaking donor conception, such as sexually transmitted disease screening, the legal rights of the donor or co-parent and ultimately the right of the child to have information about their donor’.

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