Arizona Legislature and IVF Patients – How Does This Affect You?

Arizona passed Senate Bill 1306 which adds additional informed consent requirements for doctors who deal with egg donors. The Bill states in part:

Before performing any medical procedure or prescribing any hormones or other drugs for an egg provider, a physician must provide the egg provider with the following information:

1. A description of all hormones and other drugs to be taken by the egg provider, including the dosage, frequency of administration, intended biochemical function and likely physiological response to each medication.

2. A description of all procedures to be performed on the egg provider, including the purpose, duration and estimated recovery time for each procedure.

3. Medically accurate disclosures concerning all potential risks of egg donation that a reasonable patient would consider material to the decision of whether to undergo the procedure, including the medical risks associated with the surgical procedure and the drugs, medications and hormones prescribed for ovarian stimulation during the process.

4. A description of the effects that the surgical procedure and the drugs, medications and hormones may have on future attempts of the egg provider to become pregnant.
A list of additional sources of information on health and safety Issues surrounding egg donation.

5. Notice that the egg provider cannot be completely informed of all potential risks or effects because the process and risks related to egg harvesting are highly unstudied and unknown compared to other medical procedures and treatments.

After providing the egg donor with all of this information the doctor must then obtain oral and written informed consent for the procedure before prescribing any drugs or performing any medical procedure. Other than adding these informed consent requirements SB 1306 does little to harm infertile couples wanting to use egg donors.

Do you think these additional informed consent requirements will deter doctors from working with egg donors? Or will they deter donors from becoming donors?

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