Arizona Egg Bill and Embryo Bill Signed into Law – What Does that Mean to Me?

Resolve did a great job discussing the new laws in Arizona that have since been passed into law. Below is an excerpt of their findings:

“SB 1306 (the egg bill)

The good news: SB 1306 no longer bans compensation for egg donors (which would have effectively ended egg donation treatment in Arizona).

The bad news: It still mandates unprecedented informed consent procedures for egg donation that apply only in Arizona. Informed consent is already obtained by all physicians before any medical procedure, but the Arizona Government is now dictating to fertility doctors exactly how and when egg donor consent must be done. The goal, it appears, is to discourage the long-standing and mainstream therapeutic treatment of egg donation for infertility, regardless of how much it might be needed by an infertile couple to have a family.

SB 1307 (the embryo bill)

The good news: IVF should be unaffected because the bill dropped language making it a crime if an embryo were harmed in the course of “nontherapeutic research.” The bill has also dropped language that equated microscopic embryos and people.

The bad news: The bill bans embryonic stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer. For many infertility patients, donating unneeded embryos to research is a preferred option, but with this bill no such option will be available in Arizona. Arizona will not be an attractive destination for scientific institutes and researchers.

SB 1307 is getting a fair amount of ridicule in the media because it also bans creating human-animal hybrids, chimeras, and cellular combinations that are the stuff of science fiction. The truth, however, is that some important mainstream research (including research designed to create stem cells without embryos) is now going to be banned.”

Keep up with all legislative updates that affects fertility patients and third parties by reading this blog, as well as Resolve.

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