The IMPORTANCE of Reading your Consent Forms – OUCH!!!

When we venture into the world of IVF and assisted reproduction, many of us are overwhelmed by the sheer number of consent forms that we have to sign – and that does not include all of the other legal contracts. Yet, I often see patients not even reading what they are signing – or they sign just as the procedure is about to happen. With this story below, I cannot impress upon each one of you enough how IMPORTANT it is to read the informed consents ahead of time. Just ask for copies before any procedure is scheduled so that you have time to look them over yourself – or better yet, have an attorney read them!

All I can say her is OUCH –

“A jury cleared a Tucson doctor in a malpractice suit filed by a man who claimed one of his testicles was mistakenly removed.

It took Pima County Superior Court jurors less than 45 minutes to decide Tuesday that Dr. Jonathan Walker was not negligent in the surgery on 23-year-old Kenneth “Ryan” Irby on May 4, 2007.

Irby says he underwent a biopsy on his right testicle at University Medical Center and believed it would be surgically removed only if it was cancerous.

When he woke up, Irby says his testicle was gone and he assumed it must have been cancerous. But during a follow-up appointment a week later, Irby learned the biopsy was negative and his testicle had only been bruised in an earlier car crash.

Walker’s attorneys say Irby signed a surgery consent form and knew a biopsy couldn’t be done without removing the testicle for fear of spreading any cancer.”

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