Never Give Up!

“If you must begin then go all the way, because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business you have left behind begins to haunt you all the time.”
– Chögyam Trungpa

My Granny used to say, “Finish what you start!” It didn’t matter what it was for either. I could be eating something and not want the rest of my food and I would be told I had to finish it. My Grandmother was adamant about me finishing school, my homework, my piano lessons, (Of which I did not finish, and yes it haunts me!), etc. She was the type of woman that once her mind was made up on something she saw it through to the end. It was one of her missions, I believe, in life to instill the same tenacity in her family.

Needless to say, it took until my adulthood to really get that lesson. But once I had enough things haunting me because I did not see them through, I started to get the point. It is important to see things through to completion, not just so they don’t bug you for the rest of your existence, but also it shapes who you are as a person and helps you to build your self-esteem. You can say, “Wow, I’ve accomplished my task! I feel really good about that!” Then it is off your mind and away you go to the next feat you will accomplish.

Life can be likened unto a series of steps that you take to get to your ultimate goal. The goal, is to complete life knowing that you have lived out your purpose, or calling. You maybe thinking that you have no clue as to your purpose in life. That’s OK. You don’t have to sweat that, you just have to live the best life you can. Everyone is called to do that. The best way to accomplish that is to learn to fully love and accept yourself and others around you. Once you start to do that, the rest works out on it’s own.

Before she died, my Granny lived. I mean LIVED! She struck out on her own somewhere between the ages of 16 – 18. My family is not sure because my grandmother would never tell us exactly when she left home, and those who really knew had passed on or would not tell us. That really does not matter though. The point is she was determined to live full out, and boy did she! She is not famous for anything, except being a living saint and a shining example of how to be love, and that was enough for her to touch the heart of everyone that she met. She worked hard and loved all the more. What a legacy!

Because my grandmother didn’t give up on her goals, and dreams – she finished what she started – she left a family that still feels her love even though she is not physically with us today. That is how to live. That is how I want to live.

Do you have a goal in mind? Do you have a task that you are doing in which you feel like giving up on? Do you feel like giving up on yourself, or life? I encourage you to keep at it. Learn to love yourself, and use that love to give you the courage and determination to keep going. The bottom line in all of this is, if you give up on what you started, you give up on yourself. If you don’t love and believe in you first, no one else will.

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