Friday Legal Updates™- Polish Surrogacy, French Surrogacy Battle, Oklahoma Legislative Update & Israel Same Sex Surrogacy

Surrogacy – Happy Friday! Some interesting updates in the legal arena surrounding surrogacy and egg donation. Enjoy.

Oklahoma – A bill banning the compensation of egg donors is now dead in the water.

“Legislation that would make it illegal for a woman to sell her eggs won’t be heard in a state Senate committee despite the efforts of supporters to keep it alive, the committee’s chairman said Wednesday…”

France – A partial, yet important, victory for a couple in France who had used a surrogate mother in California to have their daughters over six years ago.

“A FRENCH couple whose twin daughters were born to a surrogate mother in the US have won part of their long-running battle to be legally recognised as their parents. Dominique and Sylvie Mennesson paid a woman in California about $10,000 in 2000 to carry their child.

The new-born twins, Isa and Léa, were given US birth certificates recognising the Mennesson couple as the legal parents – but the French authorities refused to accept these. Surrogacy has been illegal in France since 1994. A draft law hoping to overturn this was presented to the Senate in January, but has yet to be discussed.

The Paris court of appeal has now agreed that the couple are the twins’ legal parents, but refused to consider the girls as French nationals. Lawyers say this will cause a large number of administrative problems in later life, when the girls get married, need new passports or apply for certain jobs in the civil service. The Mennesson couple say they will take their case to the Cour de Cassation, France’s highest court. They hope to set a legal precedent for other parents of children born to surrogate mothers, after six years of legal action.”

Israel – The State has decided that same sex couples cannot use surrogate mothers.

“The State Attorneys’ Office told the Supreme Court on Thursday that the Surrogate Mother Law is not intended for use by homosexual couples. Responding to a petition by a homosexual couple, the office explained that the law specificly applies to “a man and a woman” and it is clear that this could not apply to a homosexual couple. It further called the petition pointless, saying the couple could not benefit under the law from a human egg donation…”

Poland – Although the article is short, again, think twice before using a surrogate in Poland.

“Poland’s first “baby store” has been shut down as there have been several cases of surrogate mothers, in breach of contract, have decided to keep the baby after birth, raising questions as to the legalities of surrogacy.”

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