Baby albums anyone?

I have been unsure where to begin for the last hour, so I am just going to dive in with what is on my mind right now…I am so thrilled to have gotten so much positive feedback about our albums this year. I am humbled by such generous compliments from customers who are describing the albums using words such as ‘intuitive’, ‘fun’ and ‘beautiful’.

I have been asked many times if I will be creating albums with specific topics for adoptive parents, single parents and same sex parents. After reviewing some existing albums I realize that there really is a need.

I would love to be able to offer our albums to parents who have experienced the joys of adoption as well as same sex parents and single parents – I just need one thing…help.
I don’t know what you want/need!

I have to call upon the gracious parents out there who are willing and able to share their stories, their wishes and their valuable perspective so that I can complete these new albums with as much attention to detail as I did when I began the first album.

I hope you will think about this as an opportunity to create something beautiful!
I can’t wait to hear from you.!/pages/Kirkland-WA/Fresh-Outtakes/70009267255

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