Number Two of the Top 14 Mistakes for Surrogates and Carriers to Avoid: Not having a face to face meeting before any contracts a

On ward with our 14 Mistakes to Avoid For Women Considering Becoming Surrogate Mothers or Gestational Carriers.

Mistake #2-Not having a face to face meeting before any contracts are signed

Why you need to have a face to face meeting: Yes people do live far a part (even overseas) at times and traveling can be tough but that is no excuse to ignore the need to meet your Intended Parents face to face before you sign a contract and agree to carry a baby for them. These are the people that you are going to have a long term relationship with. Would you ever consider becoming a mail order bride? I think not! Then don’t put yourself in the position of not meeting your Intended Parents until you are at your transfer or, heaven forbid, pregnant.

We all know that a phone call, e-mail, and, yes, even Skype can help a long distance relationship thrive but consider all you notice when you actually see someone in person! How they present themselves, what their handshake feels like, what their mannerisms are like, how you react to them and how they react to you. Chemistry can make or break a relationship and as we are all well aware!

Remember you are never a little bit pregnant and regrets after the fact do not make for an enjoyable surrogacy journey!

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.

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