Los Angeles Surrogacy Center Our Agency’s Philosophy

At Los Angeles Surrogacy Center we believe that choosing an agency to assist you in beginning or expanding your family should be affordable. Not only should the agency be reasonable in price, but equally as important is the level of personal, attentive service given to both the recipients as well as the surrogate mothers. We pride ourselves on providing our recipients with compassionate guidance throughout the entire surrogacy process, from the moment a potential recipient contacts us through and beyond the successful birth of a baby via surrogacy. We also take great care in the manner in which we treat our surrogate mothers, and offer them everything imaginable to ensure that their journey throughout their surrogacy experience is an outstanding one. Some of the benefits provided to our surrogates include a generous compensation package, pre-natal massages, opportunities to use the services of a doula, and 24 hour access to us 7 days a week to address any concerns which may arise during the course of their pregnancy.

To learn more about how we can help you create or expand your family visit or website www.lasurrocenter.com or email me dawn@lasurrocenter.com

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