Surrogacy Legalities

Embarking on a surrogacy program, commissioning parents or intending parents need a full solution where the service provider can respond in all aspects. The role of the surrogacy lawyer is crucial in facilitating a solid contract in what is likely the most important contract in the lives of the new parents and for the surrogate.

A professional surrogacy agency is partnered with all the right parties in the surrogacy solution. These include the required assessments of the surrogate – being medical and psychological. This is a crucial role as there needs to be emotional and psychologcial aligmment between the surrogate and the commissioning parents. Often specific issues and aspects pertaining to the surrogacy contract need to be vetted and confirmation provided by a qualified independent professional that there is complete unanimity and consensus between the parties. The surrogacy contract is crucial and needs to be supported on all levels.

The surrogacy lawyer considers the current legislation and acts in the best interests of both parties to support a surrogacy relationship that can really work. The current situation in South Africa is that an unopposed application is made via a court order for the surrogate’s parental responsibilities to be relinquished. The current successes achieved bythe professional surrogate lawyer are astonishing and setting records in terms of the way the surrogacy solution is managed.

A surrogacy agency that is able to effectively guide and facilitate this process is considered reputable. baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy – has been involved in close on 50 surrogacy programs of which several have involved international commissioning parents. The involvenment of a reputable surrogacy psychologist and top surrogacy lawyer in South Africa as well ast the services of the best fertility clinic in South Afric ahave all contributed to a solid surrogacy program run as an online surrogacy solution.

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