Lesbians, Utah & Surrogacy Plus Prop 8 Fight Is Televised

Good morning….wanted to update everyone on the televised proceeding for Prop 8 here as follows: http://www.equalrightsfoundation.org/live-updates/

In addition, a surprising admission by a Utah lawmaker. She is carrying a child for a gay couple as a traditional surrogate.

“Rep. Christine Johnson will serve an additional role when the Utah Legislature convenes this month. The lesbian lawmaker announced she’s a surrogate mother, carrying a baby for two gay men.

Johnson, D-Salt Lake City, said she decided to become artificially impregnated with sperm from one of the men after the two close friends expressed frustration over the difficulty of adopting a child.

Utah law prohibits unmarried couples from adopting and does not recognize gay marriage.

Johnson, 41, who has a 17-year-old daughter from a two-year marriage, is four months pregnant and expecting on June 21.

“I can very much empathize with their desire to become parents and share their lives with and open their hearts to a child,” Johnson told the Salt Lake Tribune. “I’m immeasurably grateful to be a mother.”

Johnson offered to be a surrogate at no cost to save the Salt Lake County men the prohibitive cost of hiring one – as much as $100,000.”


What a nice story about a family and a politician who is not worried about her choices, good ones I may add, affecting her chances at re-election.

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