Why is there such anger when …”The only prize — the only ultimate gift that these people get — is their family.”


New York Times
Two Reality Shows Stir Publicity and Anger

Published: December 6, 2009

“On FirstMotherForum.com, a blog that discusses issues among women who had given children up for adoption, Lorraine Dusky, one of the site’s authors, praised the series: “Maybe this will be heard by people who think it is unloyal somehow for a person to search out his or her roots, parents, family, when it is a most natural desire of consciousness.”

An ABC spokeswoman said on Friday that network executives were not available to discuss the series. But the network seemed to anticipate the objections. Before the show was broadcast, it made available to reporters taped interviews with the show’s co-hosts addressing several issues. Each of the hosts, Tim Green and Lisa Joyner, addressed the question of, as ABC put it in the materials, “why the show is not exploitative.”

“I personally wouldn’t have gotten involved with the show if it were exploitative,” Ms. Joyner, who was adopted as a child and who has adopted a child herself, said in one of the interviews. “We’re not dealing with a thousand-dollar or million-dollar prize, or a shot at fame. The only prize — the only ultimate gift that these people get — is their family.””

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