VIDEO: Lesbian mom Cathy James should be very proud of her son

Florida community leader – Cathy James – is beaming with pride for her 9-year old son, Tyler.

He spoke at the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation hearing on behalf of Securing Our Children’s Rights, Inc. (SOCR), a statewide political lobbying group working to repeal the ban on adoption by gay Floridians.

The Florida State House and Senate members in attendance were Senators Crist, Joyner, and Storms and Representatives Ambler, Burgin, Glorioso, Homan, McKeel, Reed, Rouson, and Weatherford.

He told the delegation that they should repeal the ban on adoption by gay Floridians.

In 2007, Cathy stood-up to the Florida religious right, when she addressed the leaders of the Family Impact Summit – a “pro-family” conference sponsored by a collection of conservative, religious groups against homosexuality. The exchange stunned the crowd into silence and left the leaders of the meeting speechless. “I felt as though I needed to be there to represent my family and let people know that we’re just like everyone else,” she explains. “I needed to challenge the people in the audience to think about what [the panelists] were saying.”

WATCH Cathy’s son address the Florida State House and Senate members:

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