Unexplained Infertility Resolved for One 97 Year Old Woman

She was 97 and having an ultrasound done for maybe the 2nd time in her life. Her granddaughter was standing next to her worried and asking the technician all kinds of questions as the tech checked to see if the fall the older woman had taken had broken any pelvic bones or had caused any internal damage. Already it was determined that the left hip was broken and would need surgery.

As the wand glided over a flat abdomen the tech, seemingly speaking to herself, “Well, your uterus is really tipped”. The granddaughter looked at her grandmother in surprise and then asked the technician if that would be a good reason why her grandmother (in her much younger years) couldn’t become pregnant. And, of course, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Apparently it was tipped THAT much!

So at age 97 a woman finally found out, after adopting one son, living through a couple of world wars, a man landing on the moon, welcoming three grandchildren into the world, outliving her husband, moving in with her granddaughter and losing her only son, why she never became pregnant. After years of trying and years of acceptance a mystery was solved. The wonder of the unexplained infertility was over…and a peace of mind was had.

My grandmother lived to be 100 years old and died peacefully in her sleep in 1999 while I was carrying twins as a Gestational Surrogate. She is still greatly missed by all!

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.
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