Legalities of Egg Donation in South Africa

Egg donation in South Africa is indeed legal and legislated as Chapter 8 of the National Health Act (Act no 61 of 2003) Gamete donation is regulated by The Policy Committee of the South African Society of Reproductive Science and Surgery. The 2008 Guidelines for gamete donation provides the latest recommendations for clinicians involved in assisted conception using gamete (egg) donors.

Egg donation in South Africa is anonymous which allows the recipient parents to choose whether to reveal the details of their child’s conception. For psychological and to ensure optimal egg quality, only donors between the ages of 21 and 34 can be recruited by egg donor agencies.

There are no requirements in South Africa for an egg donor registry to be kept and the child’s birth certificate details the names of the recipient parents.

It is important for intended parents planning egg donation in South Africa to choose a reputable egg donation agency – one that works with the leading fertility clinics in South Africa. You should also be provided with a Detailed Profile of the Egg Donors available, according to international best practice and covering physical attributes, personality, reproductive health, genetic history, medical history, school grades and family history details.

Egg Donation in South Africa is not only legal and ethical, it provides restored hope to those who otherwise could not experience the joy of a child. Planning your egg donation through Gift ov life egg donation and surrogacy agency – – ensures that you receive world-class service, a choice of national egg donors and access to the top fertility clinics nationwide.

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