Friday Legal Updates™ – Catholicism and Reproductive Technologies & Southern Australia Surrogacy Update

IVF, Reproductive Technologies, Catholicism, and Surrogacy in Australia are our updates for today. In fact, just this week, the Catholic Church issued a statement that can be found here regarding couples who are infertile and how the Church views how they proceed in creating a family. I found it to be interesting, but certainly painful for those Catholics who cannot conceive naturally.

What is absolutely great; however, is that the American Fertility Association is having an upcoming webinar on Catholics and IVF: A Pastoral Approach as follows:

“Are you a Roman Catholic or married to one and considering IVF or other forms of ART for your family? Does the Roman Catholic Church’s position raise concerns regarding your decision?

This webinar will help prepare Catholics who are considering IVF / ART or have a child born as a result of IVF / ART to have a productive and respectful conversation with their pastors from the perspective of their lived experiences. The guest speaker will be Father Jon Pedigo, STL.

For more information, please email Corey at:”

Please consider attending if this is something that you are currently dealing with in your life. I am certain it will be informative.

Australia – Surrogacy is now legal for childless South Australian Couples. Unfortunately, it only applies to heterosexual couples and for non-compensation surrogacy. Definitely a step in the right direction – but there needs to be more inclusiveness.,22606,26372518-2682,00.html?from=public_rss

TGIF and have a great weekend.

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