Unbelievable – Boston Globe publishes article calling for strict anonymity rules

I don’t know who wrote this but clearly they are uneducated on the issues:

Boston Globe
For sperm-bank era, courts need clearer rules
October 11, 2009

Quote for article:
“Any legislation must use as its starting point the reasonable terms – including a strong ethos of anonymity – under which all the parties entered into their arrangements, while imposing new common-sense requirements that address complications that may never have been envisioned when sperm and egg donations first became possible. A fair system of laws would impose some restrictions on all parties to the donation process.”

Read the entire (choice words) article here:
Wendy Kramer of the Donor Sibling Registry comments:
1. Yes, the fertility system has worked for many, and brought joy into many parents’ lives, but it has also created thousands of donor conceived people who yearn to know their genetic, ancestral and medical backgrounds.
2. We have more than 25,000 such people signed up with our organization (more than 1000 in MA alone)- parents, donor conceived people and the donors (who were not given any choice but to be anonymous) who wish to connect with each other. Not all donors wish to stay anonymous!
3. We have successfully connected more than 7000 donors with their offspring and half siblings with each other.
4. Currently, there are insufficient studies on the welfare of people conceived via gamete donation.
5. This Fertility system has not worked for many- especially the many families on our site, who like Jane Doe, have children with medical issues.
6. In this day and age of DNA testing and Google, there is no such thing as donor anonymity! Sperm banks should not be promising this to any donor.
7. People should be aware that the sperm banks do not keep track of how many kids are born to any one given donor. Many donors are shocked when they come to our website and find that they have 20, 50 or more than a hundred offspring. And limits are still promised by many sperm banks. When medical and genetic issues are passed along with a high number of children, the results can be devastating. And in some cases, the sperm just continues to be sold.
8. Ethics has little place in the sperm/egg donation industry to date. Sperm banks have had three goals: to provide parents with a child, to keep donors anonymous, and to make money. Never has the welfare of the child been considered in making decisions. Can’t EVERYONE’S best interests be considered?
9. There is currently NO regulation within this industry. No one is counting births, very few are updating medical records, and very few are sharing medical information amongst families. (Certainly not the particular sperm bank in this case).
10. Moving forward we need to be asking the industry and ourselves: What is in the best interests of the child being born? This is something that has never been considered.
Donor Sibling Registry

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