Egg Donor Application

Controversial and sensitive topics are becoming more the norm of the day and these days some one always know some one who has had fertility treatment. The consideration of third party reproduction in that equation is often kept more quiet and should be as gamete donation is a private and confidential matter. So when a woman turns to egg donation to assist fellow humanity, she needs guidance and assistance for the egg donor application.

How does a woman become an egg donor and what is the process of becoming an egg donation donor? First and foremost donate your eggs with a reputable egg donation agency who has extensive experience in the egg donor program. Egg donation is a special process and egg donors should be treated with the greatest care and respect.

South African egg donors complete an egg donor questionnaire – which is about her physical profile, academic understanding, emotional and social interests. This is to give the egg donation recipient some more insights into their donor. Reproductive and contraceptive information is also required. If an egg donor gives consent, her picture will be made available to recipients of donor eggs.

With an established egg donation program, there will be a process whereby all egg donors are screened immediately as part of the egg donor application. This involves psychological assessment which really is to ensure that the egg donor understands her responsibility and is mature enough to proceed with the egg donation program.

The medical screening involves blood tests which check hormone levels, thyroid function as well as insulin. The final part of the egg donor application is the internal scan where the fertility specialist reviews the blood results and the full egg donation application to ensure the egg donor will optimise the chances of an egg donation pregnancy.

baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme – is a reputable egg donor agency partnered with the top fertility clinic in South Africa. This guarantees a thorough and careful consideration of the egg donor application. It also means both egg donor and egg donation recipient receive the best treatment.

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