The worst teaching strategy used by almost every teacher

ProudParenting blogger – HalWLanse – shows opposition to a popular technique for teaching reading in classrooms. You’ll remember the technique from your childhood.

The class will open a book and Miss Chilblain will ask a student to read aloud. Johnny will read a page, stumbling over many words as Miss Chilblain supplies the correct pronunciation of each. Meanwhile, the other students are doing one of the following:

• Daydreaming
• Reading ahead to examine the page they’ll read when it’s their turn
• Complaining that they can’t hear or can’t understand Johnny
• Causing trouble (anything from spitballs to fistfights)

“As a staff developer, one of my lifelong goals has been to put an end to the use of this most useless of pedagogical strategies. I have failed. Round robin reading is alive and well – and it’s hurting our kids.”

Read full story from the blog.

Dr. Lanse is the author of Read Well, Think Well, which is available at Amazon.

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